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Betting Against the NFL Line

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NFL Betting Line

When you hear people talking about betting lines in the NFL you are not really talking about the point spread or bookmakers totals, but the price sportsbooks are charging to take your bets. Sports bettors must play at 11-10 odds and be able to win at least 52.3% of their football wagers to turn a profit at seasons end. The majority of the betting public will not only be able to win 52.3% of their sports bets long term but even if some are capable of overcoming the bookmakers vigorish, some exert terrible money management tactics and will still be losing players.

While most football bettors seem to think that picking 53% winners against the bookmakers NFL lines is an easy task it is anything but that. Some of the sharpest football handicappers will only win 54% of their gambling picks over the football season and will be very happy to do so.

Another think that most don’t realize is that a 55% handicapper will also have a losing season about 1 out of every 7 years. Now granted there will be plenty of other money making seasons along the way, but there is a way that the law of averages and variance tends to rear its head from time to time.

The point of this article is to remember that betting against the NFL line is tough. If you are betting NFL football on your own, record all of your bets and see what percentage you actually win at. Most football bettors think it is a lot higher than it actually is. For more picks against the weekly NFL line view our free football picks home page for free picks from the nations top handicappers.


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