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College Football Spread

If you are coming from our College football lines article we explained the first way to bet on College football. Now we will examine the College football point spread. The point spreads purpose is to equalize the money bet on each side by awarding extra points to the underdog, and taking points away from the favorite, in doing so creating what is known as a College football spread. Thus, if the bookmaker creates a spread of 7 points for a football game and you bet on the underdog you can still win the wager even though your team may lose the game straight up.

To clarify this in detail, this whole article will make reference to this imaginary NCAA football spread below.

Arkansas +7
Alabama -7

If you placed a bet against the College football point spread on Arkansas +7, either a loss by less than seven points or an outright victory will give you the underdog bettor a winning result. However if Arkansas was to lose by more than seven points your bet would be a loser.

If you bet on the favorite (Alabama -7) in this NCAA football point spread, the Crimson Tide must win by more than seven points for the bet to be a winner. A 6 point victory by Alabama is all well and good for the team itself but not for you the bettor. A 6 point margin of victory doesn't cover the seven point spread and therefore, your bet on Alabama is a loser.

If Alabama wins the game exactly by 7 points, the game is considered a tie or a push and all monies are returned to both the player betting the underdog and the player betting the favorite.

That raps up this tutorial on College football spreads, if you think you are ready to get your feet wet, check out this weeks live NCAA football point spread page. If something stands out click on any of the sportsbook links to start betting today. We also wanted to remind you of the winning free football picks that are offered on the home page. The expert handicappers predictions can help put you in the positive this football season.


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